I own 3 investment properties, our 4th is the primary residence we occupy in Shoreline, WA. My first property was purchased in 2004. I caught the real estate remodel bug and purchased 2 more by the end of 2006. It was no easy feet to finagle finances and do the remodeling, renting and property management on my own while holding down another full time job. Fortunately I held onto all three and they are producing great positive cash flow.

We recently remodeled one of our properties. I will start to develop this page and post more before & after’s of the work I’ve done to each property. I’d like it to serve as a way for my clients to see that their own sweat equity can pay off and be extremely gratifying. Recycling and reusing your own materials is very rewarding as well.

I’m also happy to serve as your consultant (and donate some hours to the labor) if you’re in the market to ready your home for sale. I love finding new and interesting ideas that are extremely cost effective and are guaranteed to catch a buyers eye when touring. 

2018 – 3bed 1bath converted to 3bed 1.25bath

Highlights of renovation:

  • Converted closet space to .25 bath/Powder Room
  • Removed all galvanized supply lines and updated to PEX
  • Reused old fencing to create a Wood Shed and garden boxes
  • Reused cinder blocks to construct a fire pit
  • Cleaned…and cleaned…and cleaned and re-grouted the fireplace
  • Refinished the hardwood floors
  • Removed wood paneling over ceiling support beam, sanded and sealed
  • Complete kitchen remodel to include pot filler supply above range
  • Bathroom remodel
  • Landscaping and new, updated cedar fence
  • Updated paint inside and out with a more modern exterior color tone
  • Built new crawlspace door hatch